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Autore: Milly_Sunshine    25/05/2023    1 recensioni
Quando un incubo travolge all'improvviso, difficile ricordare che un tempo era stato un bel sogno. Una serie di poesie (in inglese) melanconiche e a tratti dark scritte diversi anni fa (salvo piccole revisioni odierne), che hanno in comune una sola ispirazione. // "I can't stand anymore an eternal delay, I can't stand anymore blooming flowers in May".
Genere: Angst, Dark, Drammatico | Stato: completa
Tipo di coppia: Nessuna
Note: nessuna | Avvertimenti: nessuno
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I can't believe
My heart burns like a flame
When without you
I'm just an iron frame,

I can't believe
You walk like a ghost
When you see
All what you've lost,

I can't believe
The autumn has come
When your soul
Still hasn't gone,

I can't believe
How much I was sober
When you smiled
That day, last October,

I can't stand anymore
An eternal delay,
I can't stand anymore
Blooming flowers in May,

I can't wait
For the summer to come,
Because without you
I'm already done,

I could relieve
By forgetting this mess,
By joining you
In a sparkling red dress,

But I'm just a carpet
Under the heels of a queen,
A weeping widow
Of a lost broken dream.

I can't forget
What it's hard to remember
They said April and May
Were the same as November,

But locked in hell
Surrounded by fire
I'm counting the days
Of my forbidden desire,

I have no chance
To break all my chains
Except the hope
Of seeing you again.

I'll lose my trust
On a sunny day:
Tons of black roses
Were waiting since last May,

I'll my trust
While I'll be awake,
I'll lose my trust
But I'll still have my faith,

I'll find out a writing
On the hell gates:
"You can go away
If you find the escape,

But never forget
Neither at the very last scene
Even the worst nightmare
Used to be a wonderful dream".
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