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Autore: fedefilli    08/07/2024    3 recensioni
Poesia in lingua inglese, dedicata a una persona speciale che vive nei miei pensieri.
Genere: Malinconico, Poesia, Sentimentale | Stato: completa
Tipo di coppia: Het
Note: nessuna | Avvertimenti: nessuno
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Thinking of you

In my dreams he flows

In my eyes he glows

Thoughts pure gold 

of a boy I’ll never hold 


In my heart he dwells 

Echoes of farewells

Distant time I can’t get

of a boy I’ve never met 


Old letters and photographs 

tell his story in faded lines 

a life lived in another time suggests 

under the barren soil now he rests 


My tears are reaching the moon

thinking of a boy gone too soon

Daydreams fill the empty space

Wishing I could change his fate


In my mind you live

In my soul you breathe

Love that’s never been, forever gone

to my heart you still belong

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