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Autore: Gatto Magro    25/01/2024    0 recensioni
Rovescio la testa nell'acqua del torrente e vedo il mio dio.
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The heart of the mountain
And the mouth of gold
Tending to the water garden
(making rounds of visit to known bodies of water, greeting them by name,
Taking a sample, taking a jar?
Taking something home and pouring it down the sink
Inside the house, water is pooling on the ceiling
And dripping dripping
Drawers full of water, teacups (ground to pieces) and pots and cutlery
Pencil cases, empty deodorant bottles, a box of sleeping pills
Rolls of film, mismatched candles, bills, incense sticks
All swimming in the drawers
Where is a man like Ted Hughes?
Nothing more from this canal
A house, a map, the holy source
A sunken treasure and a burning secret
The burning bush
Water smearing the view
What did she lose to these murky waters?
What whispers the prune, what chants the magpie? (one for sorrow…
A flock, a destiny
A destiny of amphibious birds (flightless, sunken, the dead twin, the rotting soulmate)
Reaching out like a thirsty branch I plant a thought in someone’s mind and wait for the pulse
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