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Addicted to TV series, books and movies. Italian youtubers make me happy, casually I watch anime and read manga.

Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock are my top three favourite tv shows, i really can't choose between them, it's just SuperWhoLock.

Hannibal, The Vampire Diares, Teen Wolf, Agents of Shield, Glee and White Collar, i love this shows so much.

My love for Marvel is too big, and especially, my love for one in particular

Loki Laufeyson played by the amazing Tom Hiddleston.


Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Shadowhunters, Percy Jackson and Fallen are the sagas that i love the most.
I own everything i am right now to Dan Brown and his amazing books, really, thanks.
Chris Colfer saved me.
David Tennant is a dork, a cute, wonderful, amazing little dork. And also an extraordinary man who i fall in love with by the first moment i saw him, it was literally love at first sight.
Destiel, Tenrose, Johnlock, Hannigram, Delena, Sterek, Skyeward, Kurtbastian, Nealer, Frostiron, Dramione and Drarry are my OTPs.
Shakespeare is the most amazing artist who has lived in this planet.
I want to travel the world and enjoy what life has to offer.
I love humanity and its potential, we are capable of great things.
@jacklesmile on twitter :)

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