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«I am not a perfectionist at all. I love failure. I love mistakes. I love the bizarre. I love characters. I love missing teeth. I love beauty because your eyes are off-center. And how can you notice that in the buzz of the city? So I like the emptiness.»
«It was always like: stand up straight. Be who you are. That was a reinforced message in my household. Whether you like it or not, you are who you are so you might as well get with it.»
«I try to make it so that songs leave me with that feeling. Like when you leave a first date with somebody and you get those butterflies. Those are the feelings I’m trying to chase with music. I want every song to give me that feeling. Once you reach that, it immediately goes away and you’re forced to chase it down again. That’s the bittersweet curse of music. It’s a lot like beach sand in your hand. It doesn’t stay there for long.»
«Music is a thing that saves people, inspires people.»
(All quotes by Joshua Homme)
«How have you gotten by so far without having no visible scar?»
(Old enough, The Raconteurs)

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