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Scrivo perchč mi diverto, nulla pił e amo le fanfiction perchč capita che a volte siano davvero straodinarie!

Mi piace: il fantasy,la storia,i manga e la fantascienza
Un Elfo prestato a questo mondo o una Betazoide
fate voi...
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You Should Be a Romance Novelist
You see the world as it should be, and this goes double for all matters of the heart.
You can find the romance in any situation, and you would make a talented romance story writer...
And while you may be a traditional romantic, you're just as likely to be drawn to quirky or dark love stories.
As long as it deals with infatuation, heartbreak, and soulmates - you could write it.
What Type of Writer Should You Be?
Harmony NO!

You Are Fantasy / Sci Fi
You have an amazing imagination, and in your mind, all things are possible.
You are open minded, and you find the future exciting. You crave novelty and progress.

Compared to most people, you are quirky and even a bit eccentric. You have some wacky ideas.
And while you may be a bit off the wall, there's no denying how insightful and creative you are.
Your rainbow is intensely shaded violet, red, and indigo.


What is says about you: You are a proud person. You appreciate energetic people. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.
Your Gemstone is Aquamarine
Intuitive, tranquil, and trusting.
You inspire others to have faith in themselves.
Your Soul Is Connected to the Fall
You are a somewhat sensitive soul with a tough exterior. You are street smart and wise about the world.
You have the heart of a poet, but you're not too eager to let anyone else see it.

You are very creative and deeply talented. You are still looking for the perfect outlet for your expression.
You embrace change and think the cycles of life are beautiful. You don't shrink away from the darker elements of life.
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